Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not Only Did the Chiefs Win Today ...

...but check out this article:

Raiders Achieve First Down
According to referee John Parry, the first down also caught members of the officiating crew off guard. Parry said that when Bush moved the chains, his instinct was to throw an unsportsmanlike behavior flag for taunting.
"Michael just got up off the ground and handed me the ball without trying to provoke anyone," Parry said. "Usually you'll find the Oakland guys are jumping back on the pile trying to jam a finger into someone's eye or just kicking wildly with their cleats."

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Larry B said...

Congrats to the chiefs, and please have pity for all the Titan's fans out there who have been abandoned by the chiefs in the ranks of the unwinning. There is much gnashing of teeth and wailing going on at the moment.