Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Locusts & Honey Blogger Profile

John the Methodist is a blogger who keeps track of other Methodist bloggers on his blog, which is called "Locusts & Honey." He does two things: 1) He compiles a weekly roundup of Methodist blogs, with a brief summary of what they are writing about and a link to each blog, and 2) he posts periodic profiles of Methodist bloggers, each of whom answer a set of questions that John provides. It is a cool service he is providing, and one of the reasons I have him on my list of blogs I read.

Well, the fun news for me is that John has profiled me in his most recent post. Jog on over to locustsandhoney-dot-blogspot-dot-com and check it out. Or just click here.

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity,
Andy B.

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Anonymous said...

Andy - It is getting to the point that when I check your blog and you have not posted anything new to me, I am disappointed. So keep 'em coming, son. I read your profile on the other guy's blog and learned a lot about you. Especially it was fun to read that you like it when I make a motherly comment. And what's wrong with cheesy?! I like cheesy. By the way, the dictionary says it means of poor quality, shoddy. I always thought it meant sappy. Anyway, that's what I mean when I say it. And be nice to your brother. I'm referring to your comment re his bit on JC SuperStar. He is new at this and hasn't been to seminary yet to learn all those big words you use. I am still unable to leave a comment on his blog. The computer won't let me, telling me "incorrect password". That's all for now. Mom